Anhedonia EP

by Down For The Count

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Anhedonia is the debut EP of Tyler Fernandez's solo acoustic project, Down For The Count. Special thanks to Mike Lisa, Allyson Hawk, Brian Morgan, Madison Klarer, and Quintin Fernandez. To all you sad kids: you are not alone.


released January 12, 2016

All songs & lyrics written by Tyler Fernandez
Anhedonia was Engineered/Produced/Mixed by Mike Lisa
Artwork designed by Madison Klarer



all rights reserved


Down For The Count Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

sad acoustic songs

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Track Name: Closure
I just read the last note that you wrote
Before we broke up
In the car at an empty diner parking lot
I know you said you’d always love me
But do you love me anymore?
Track Name: Solitary
Lately, I’m feelin so alone
I wanna call you up but I don’t
Lately, I’ve been thinkin of you
The last time that I saw you ended in a fight
A scene that isn’t right
I thought everything about you was fine
Until you left me here to dry
On that warm summer night
With your high beams on you were flashin so bright
With your one shattered headlight

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time
To the place where we said, “Hi”
I pick you up and drove all night
Cause any chance I get to be with you
Just reminds me of the truth

You think I miss you when I tell you that everything’s wrong.
I wanna kiss you, but I know I’m better off alone
Think of all the times we spent
The nights we slept in your basement
Driving home at 4am felt so right

I thought when we grew up
We’d have everything made for us
Never thought about trust
And you only cared about
The things that didn’t matter
I just sat around all day long
Writing you the saddest song about college
And how we didn’t make it through
The toughest part of being two in one
It takes away from all the fun
The hardest part of being alone
Is knowing that you’re overwhelmed with guys
All I think about is your eyes

Everyday you’ll hear me say,
“I want you, I need you.”

You thought about me when you listened to his voice
I guess I’m just another choice.
Track Name: Invisible
Stay away and never comeback
My thoughts remain aggressive and a mess
I sit here in my car on a cold Sunday night
Thinking to myself, with no heat, I’m freezing

Why’d you do what you did?
I wish I could show you what it’s like to feel broken
You put on a show, I watched the whole thing
You made me alone, you made me turn away

I’m just a lost boy, hoping I’d find you
But you’re with 3 guys and I’m alone, as usual
So what do I do? I run, all the way home
It’s sad to think this time, this year
We could’ve been together

You make me feel like a ghost
I know I can’t be that bad
So take what you want, away from the past
Grab hold of my hand and don’t tell me you love me
Or tell me you’re sorry.

I want you to know
even though the script says something different
I’m still right here
And I’m real, I hurt too
Forget about the party, and all the things you told me

It was over when it started
You made me feel so young
I knew if I didn’t get far away from you
I wouldn’t have fun anymore.
Track Name: Anhedonia
She said, “kid, pack the car and take the keys,
Get out of here right now.”
I said, “why don’t you understand?”
I’ll take the one-way ticket in the end

So why can’t I do this, it’s my own decision
You’ll never understand.
Everyone will change, at least I’ll always be the same
I learned it from my friends
Oh what friends are they? My god, you look so great

Everytime I call your name
You always look at me the same
I’ll only have myself to blame
When we don’t come together I’ll tell you I love you
But hey I know that it’s okay, you never loved me anyway
I know that we could both be great
I try to be there as much as I can for you

Just as you guessed it, it never worked out
I’ll never make it, that’s what she said to me
I wont forget the words you say, they go right through me to this day
“You’ll never make it.”

That’s what she said, that’s what she said to me oh yeah
That night when we were all alone
It took everything for me to not just get up and leave
She knew what she had coming, I knew that we were done and
All you wanted was to make me run away
Well I’m not running from you
In the end I knew that we could be great
But it’s over so that must mean it’s fate

I’m not running, I’m not lying, I’m just trying to get the fuck out of here
I'm not running, I'm not crying, I'm just trying to get the fuck out of here.

She said, “kid, pack the car and take the keys,
Get out of here right now.”